About us

Currently, the offices and the main manufacturing plant are located on Abedul Street No. 18. In addition, it has another industrial building on Calle Madroño, used as a warehouse for furniture and other materials and a factory for small productions, both factories They place a short distance between them in Arganda del Rey, 15 minutes from Madrid Capital.

At present, the Brass and Bronze business is diversified in several sectors:

  • Manufacture and supply of bars for curtains and accessories, as well as ladder bars and their accessories. In brass, iron and stainless steel, with a wide variety of finishes.
  • Manufacture and supply of articles and metal furniture: handrails, handrails, special enclosures, various furniture such as tables, shelves, consoles, beds, armchairs, etc .; Various decoration objects.
  • Manufacture and supply of wooden furniture: tables, chairs and armchairs, special bedrooms, headboards, bedside tables, trunks, desks, auxiliary furniture for both decoration and hospitality, etc.
  • Manufacture and supply of textiles: curtains and net curtains, blinds, both manual and motorized, awnings of exterior and interior, skirts stretchers, covers of chairs, making chairs and armchairs, bedding such as covers or bedspreads, etc.
  • Manufacture and supply of lighting articles: floor or table lamps, wall sconces, lanterns, ceiling lamps, both large and small, ceiling lamps, etc.
  • Wall covering, both of fabrics and wallpapers, normal or vinyl, and finishing of said walls with normal or special paints.

The organizational structure of Brass and Bronze is divided into various departments, with specialized technicians in each of them: administration, design, computer and infographics, work manager, workshop manager, brass welder officer, welder Stainless Steel, center polished, center of lathes and mechanized, production of textiles and wooden furniture and decoration …